Monday, July 26, 2010

This is Kenya.

Every once in a while, I like to introduce all of you to someone that I consider a friend.
Tonight, I'd like you to meet one of my newest friends.

Her name is Kenya Asanti Wilson.

As I stepped off of the bus on the first day of Missions Camp in Virginia, her face was the first that I saw. Her smile radiated and captured my heart before she could say a single word. She was anxious to learn my name and before I knew it, she was running off- telling everyone her name and awaiting hugs and friendly smiles.

For that first day, she ran from hug to hug- soaking in every bit of love that she could.

On the second day however, she was the first person I had on my back. She jumped into my arms and was content staying there through recreation, music, crafts and bible study. We both decided that we were the perfect "bestfriends". We ran around giggling, screaming and being silly together. Every moment was more fun than the next- but God was not content with Kenya and I talking about just Silly Bandz, Justin Bieber and our love for pink. He was throwing words into my mind and before I knew it, words about His son were spilling out of my mouth.

I asked Kenya if she'd ever heard of Jesus. She shook her head and said, "No Miss Lauren! Is that your friend?". Before I knew it, the two of us were sitting down in the grass talking about the beauty that is my Savior. Our conversation lasted only a few minutes, but I felt comfort in the fact that one more person knew who Christ was and is.

Before I could blink, the day was over and we were heading back on to the bus. As I sat back into my seat, I was already full of anticipation for the next day.

Day three. The last day. This is my third summer serving children in a Bible Club setting. I dreaded this last day. It was my last chance. Most likely, unless God intervenes, this would be my last time seeing these children and holding them in my arms. I looked out the window of the bus as all of the children started running towards us. They were waiting for us. I walked off of the bus and saw Kenya. She smiled her big smile and jumped into my arms. She stayed there for the entire day. As we ran around, we talked about how we were bestfriends, sisters and buddies. As we were running down a hill giggling, she stopped me and asked me "Lauren. Where does Jesus live? Is He here?" I explained Heaven to her. She looked at me with excitement in her eyes and said, "LAUREN! My DADDY lives there too!". We stood on the hill and talked about Jesus, Heaven and how she'll get to go there if she believes in Him.

It came time to take her home, and she told me that I was invited to spend the night and to live in her room if I wanted. She told me there was a perfect spot in her room for me. She begged me to stay and play. But, I told her that even though I had to go, I'd see her again. A part of me just knew it. I knew that I'd get to give her another piggy-back ride one day. I knew I'd get to giggle with her again. I knew I'd get to hear her little raspy voice say "Oh LAUREN." I might not get to be silly with her in this life, but a part of me knows I'll see her again.

So, here she is. Kenya. My sweet, sweet girl.
Would you say a prayer for her precious little heart?

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