Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is what pretty is.

Open up a Harper's Baazar. Or, better yet, grab the nearest copy of Glamour or Vogue. Open up to the first page. Now, the second. Okay, skim through the entire copy.. What do you see?

I am one hundred percent sure that most of you will close a copy of these magazines and feel discouraged, even if it is the least bit. Within a minute of reading Baazar, you will see countless women who look breathtakingly beautiful. Their perfect hair, body and clothing will take your breath away. You will then take a step back and look at yourself. There will be a minute where you feel like you need to stop right that second, jump on a treadmill and skip dinner. You will look at her hair and wonder, "Why can't my hair curl like that?". You will look at her figure and think, "Why can't I just look like that? I hate my body." Her makeup is flawlessly done by a professional, but you still think to yourself, "That is what pretty is. I am not."

Whether we want to admit it or not, those are thoughts that creep into our hearts when reading high fashion magazines, watching TV or sitting through the newest movie at the theater. We start to think that unless we are a size zero with perfect hair and perfect skin, that we are not pretty and not worthy of being called lovely or beautiful. We look around and assume that we aren't dating guy after guy because we don't look like the cover girl of this month's Cosmo.

After years and years of putting ourselves down, it gets tiring, doesn't it? It's an absolute relief to finally realize that we are made in the image of God. The almighty, powerful, loving, caring, beautiful God. The same God that formed mountains with His fingertips made every crazy curl of hair, every little curve and every little piece of who you are. We were created with for a purpose by a God who doesn't understand or know the word "Ugly". Why do you look the way you are? Because the perfect Creator made you beautiful.


Megan said...

Lauren! I wrote a blog a lot like this a few days ago! You are so encouraging. Love you!

Amy Lauren Scott said...

I love that song, More Beautiful You. Another good site is It's really sad to hear people so down on their appearance. I see girls in high school in the store dressing rooms talking about how they have love handles (very pretty girls) and how they hate their bodies or how they're fat. It just really saddens me that people are so down on themselves when God made us perfect in our own way.