Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You are on Your throne..

Hello, loves! First off, can I ask you again to keep praying? Pray for the family of Taylor Elmore, a precious boy in my senior class killed in a tragic car crash on August 1st. Also, pray just as hard for my sweetgirl Hali, who survived the crash, and join the facebook group "Pray for Hali Roberson!" if you are praying with me!

The visitation last night was hard- to say the least. It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to such a lovely guy.. but I know he is in heaven sitting with Christ right now! Comforting to my heart. I just have to remind myself that GOD has a plan.. and He is still sitting on His throne throughout this tragedy.

Sarah T & I had scheduled to celebrate Carogirl's birthday last night, so we went to see The Ugly Truth. It made us giggle until tears were rolling down on our faces! Afterwards, we went to WaHo (waffle house, but of course!). It was terrific as usual, and we ended up sitting and catching up on each other's lives for a while. I love having friends like that.. Sarah was gone for many weeks at Greystone, but when we got together last night, it seemed like we had never been separated! Honestly, I think that defines true friendship.

Happy Belated Birthday, Carogiirrrrl!

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Anonymous said...

I love movie & WAHO nights with good friends! The Ugly Truth was definitely a funny movie. Loving your dress in that picture!