Sunday, August 2, 2009

Come fly with me..

Hello loves! Where do I begin?
First off, I had a lovely vaca to Garden City beach! I got to relax, tan & be lazy for a solid seven days! Doesn't get much better than that! I found some AMAZING deals at the outlets, (may blog about those later!), and my bestie Caro came down and visited for a few days!:)

Secondly, my bestfriend informed me that he was going to be visiting SC for two days this week! Just a recap.. Carter has been my bestfriend since sixth grade. He moved away the summer after ninth grade to VA, and it broke my heart! I have not seen him in a year, but I will be seeing him this Tuesday and Wednesday! Can you say.. excited!? Check out his blog.. he is an awesome guy following after Christ!

Lastly, when I got home, I was hit with the news that a guy in my class, Taylor, was killed in a car accident early Saturday. I was floored.. this guy was precious. He was the guy I counted on to lend a friendly word or a kind smile to me every morning. After I got over that initial shock, I learned that another friend of mine, Hali Roberson, was in the accident with him. She is a sweet Junior girl who has become a part of my youthgroup in the last few months. She was rushed to MUSC with a broken hand, pelvis and brain injuries. She has recently had her spleen removed. I have been on my knees praying since I heard the news. I am begging you, please pray for her! Please pray for strength to be given to her. Pray for Taylor's family.

I hope you have a fabulous week full of PiNk and green LOVE! I register for Senior year tomorrow.. a little weird! Am I really this old? I suppose so!

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here we go again said...

thank you! your blog is too cute, love the colors! and the natalee story just breaks my heart when i think of all the pain her mother, friends, and family must have gone through!

and it looks like you had a fantastic vacation! i definately think you should blog about your finds at the outlets, i would love to see what great deals you got!