Friday, July 24, 2009

"Two sweethearts, and the summer wind.."

Happy Friday, my blog loves! I started my day off at Krispy Kreme with a few close crAsh friends, hanging out with some donuts & coffee and ending with prayer! Awesome start to my day, if I do say so myself! I then came home and cleaned the house, cooked lunch & began to iron clothes for vaca! Vaca is tomorrow, thankfully! I'll be at Garden City for a week, so I'll have alot of blogs to catch up on when I return! Not that I mind ;)

I have come to a realization lately that I am in GREAT need of some rain boots! After seeing Hopsy's presh Wellies, and other blogger's cute boots, I have started to investigate! I have made the trek from my car to school in torrential downpours, and frankly, I am tired of having to take off my shoes and make a run for it, or have wet shoes all day! I've looked at a lot of different Wellies, but I think I have finally decided! Target has the most PRECIOUS pair ever. They suit my love and adoration for Vineyard Vines, without the VV price tag! They posess my two favorite colors (pink and greeeen!) and I looove them. Check out the Target website for TONS of other cute wellies!
I have also taken a liking to duck shoes! I thought I'd never see this day, but I think they are just tooooo cute! I love LL bean duck shoes, and of COURSE the sperry duck shoes. A pair of duck shoes might just be quacking their way into my closet sometime in the near future.. Well friends, I have seen the new Fall Lilly, and I think that I might just have to breakdown and contribute to the Lilly franchise in some shape or form! I mean, I have fallen head over heels for a few items, and they are all pretty reasonable for Lilly! Especially the dress pictured below! I adore it. So chic and fun! Uh oh.. why did I make myself look at the new fall line?
Well, off to iron my little self silly! I pray that whoever is reading my blog, at this very moment, will have a week of God's love poured out over them! Vaca here I coooome! God bless YOU, whoeveryouare.


Lauren Kirven said...

just checking to see if comments are enabled!

preppyinnewengland said...

LL Bean duck shoes are the best! A preppt staple! Love the wellies! Thanks for the Target tip!

Kerry said...

Love the wellies! I found mine at Marshalls two years ago, they're navy with white polka dots! I've been thinking about getting pair of duck boots as well, the pink pair is adorable and oh so preppy. They would definitly be great for rainy days, I'm just not sure what I would wear them with!

2PreppyGirls said...

I put a 2 inch monogram decal on my wellies! Cute!!