Thursday, July 23, 2009

Perfect Word, new sister & mended friendship.

Oh.. what a beautiful summer God has blessed me with! I have spent the past week or so babysitting every day, mostly for my brother (but a few other families also!). I am getting ready to start packing for the beach tonight, which I am OH so excited about! I am leaving on Saturday to spend the week at Garden City with my family! Thank you Summer Wind for the FAB packing tips, they are mucho appreciated! Blog love to you, Miss Summer Wind!

So.. just to be honest, God has really rocked my world this week. I have really been slack and had really begun to neglect God's precious Word, and a few blog posts ago, I expressed the importance of it. BEFORE I wrote that post, God began to make me yearn for His word. I have been spending time in it every day, and it is strengthening the relationship with my Savior. As I spent time at His feet, He put those girls (the twins) on my heart to share with you.. PLEASE thank Him today for letting us have a copy of his Word! It is perfect. Lovely. Powerful.

Also, God put a message on my youth pastor's heart last night that He has been chasing after my heart about for quite some time. I had abandoned my relationship with my bestfriend because we were both claiming that there was just no hope left. God put the message of "forgiveness" on Justin's heart last night, and I praise Him that He did. Praise God. I finally sat down with my bestfriend and we talked about how we were putting everything into God's hands and taking our worry and pride away from the situation. Once again, OUR GOD gets all the praise.

and, let me just say.. I have a feeling deep in my heart that I am going to have a new sister in Christ very soon. I got a text and a phone call from a woman of God (We'll call her: Chapahoe. Long story..) last night, and she informed me that she has started taking the steps to share the gospel with a woman who we met a few weeks ago in TN. She is sharing the love of Christ through phone calls and text messages daily. This woman was brought into my life by GOD alone.. I CANNOT wait to update you on this lady! She is beautiful and I am THRILLED to have her join the family of Christ!!! Pray for her?

I pray that you see God in your life this week.. Whether it be at a ballfield, a school, a beach, a church, a mall, a home. He is there.. He is unchanging and unfailing!

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