Friday, June 12, 2009

Five for Friday:)

Oh, how I love summer. I love the lazyness, excitement and calmness it brings into my days. I love how I can see God so clearly through His nature and how He brings me joy through the sunshine He pours over me.

It is the fifth day of the week, so here are five things I have learned this week.

1) My God is BIG. He is lovely. He is gracious. He is beautiful. He is SO POWERFUL.

2) I can count my true friends on one hand. A few years ago, or months ago, this fact would have bothered me. It would have brought me down. Now, I see that these few (but true) friendships are more powerful that ANY that I've ever had before. I am finding encouragement in these friendships.. and they are pushing me towards Christ.

3) I have an undying love for a route 44 Cherry Limeade. I'm feeling one this afternoon.. Hey.. summertime is MY season for Sonic!

4) God has a man for me, and he is desiring me just like I am desiring him. He is chasing after Christ's heart just as I am.. but, for now, the only man worth falling in love with is my Savior.

5) I am a senior in Highschool now. That is scary.. but it is a challenge as well. Only one year left to infect my highschool with the Truth.

LOTS of x's& o's for YOU, whoeveryouare. I pray that you are thirsting after another glimpse of God's heart today.. just look out your window! He's there.

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