Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"Consume me from the inside out"

Six words. Easy to say.. but a little harder to mean.

A consuming fire starts to spread over an object and positively destroys it.. leaving no evidence of what the object once offered in the past. It is hard to walk into a pile of ashes and identify that it was once a beautiful and lovely mansion, full of gold plates and expensive clothing. When something is consumed.. it is changed. It is broken down into millions of pieces and completely changed into something else.

I find myself praying "Consume me from the inside out, Lord" daily. I find myself broken and searching for Him in my day. I cry out those words when I need His grace and love to step in and save me from myself. I catch myself driving down the road listening to a song that lifts these same words up.. and I am taken by His love.

I don't hesitate to scream that sentence out to God in praise.. because I can't do this all on my own. Begging to be consumed doesn't mean that God is going to put His hand on some parts of my life & trust me with the rest. No. Being consumed is being shattered & gaining a new identity in who He is.

Praise God for a new identity. Praise God for being able to be broken down into what He wants me to be. Praise God for His GRACE. His love. His mercy. His trust. His friendship.

God is ready to light your heart and soul on FIRE for Him. He has the match.. He has been waiting for the day that you give up on this world. He will go in and rock your world and He will consume you until you are CHANGED... Until you have placed your identity with Him. Be captivated & consumed by who my FATHER IS. He isn't here to sit back and watch you battle on your own.. He wants to take your heart and hold it.

I pray that you whisper these words to our Savior today. He will start taking you apart until you are whole again. He is my MAKER.. our maker, and he is waiting to take you into His arms and cover you in love. When are WE going to let him?

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