Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So far..

soome things that have made me smile so far this may:

My LORD!, the Children's hospital, finding Christian girls in my classes, Starbucks, pink fingernail polish, happygirlcds, beach music, dresses, fun sandals, open-note-tests, sweet people, haleyelisebridgers!, my totally awesome bestfriend/bruder/CmL, sweatpants after school, obnoxious laughs, future plans, prayer, CRASH, mini-dance-parties, headbands, bargains, giggles, thoughtful texts, pearls, target (pronounced tar-jay), prayingwithpeople, the Word of God, mexican food, pink&greeeen, honesty, joyful tears & friends who are willing to walk God's path with you.

those things are what make me have beautiful days like today. Hhm.

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