Monday, May 4, 2009

"My Lips Are Sealed"

"PLEASE don't tell anyone I said that about her. Okay?" - Girl 1
"OKAY. Promise. I won't breathe it to anyone" -Girl 2

"Hey.. did you hear what ____ did last night?! She's such a slut" -Girl 2

Bam. There goes a little tidbit of information that should've been kept in your heart. There you go handing a 20 minute cry to a girl who did nothing to you. A label flies out your mouth into someone else's heart and hangs there forever.

We've all been that girl. We've all been that girl who opened her mouth when she should've stayed silent. We've chimed in & regretted doing so only seconds after..but left words in the air that couldn't be taken back. On the otherhand, we've also been the girl who SHOULD have spoken up. We've sat in a room with people bashing someone's every move and didn't join in with the degrading.. but didn't stand up for her either.

Sometimes I feel like gossip is overlooked, underestimated and overdone. Sometimes I want to stand up for someone SO BADLY, but talking about their awful hair day with the rest of the crowd seems to be a little easier. Why is that? Why can I sit and tear someone down & have such a hard time building someone up?

I'm not pointing fingers. If I am pointing fingers, there are 10 pointing back at me. It's a struggle. It's something that seems to be so appetizing.. but SO not of God. It may taste good at first, but the next day it makes for an agonizing heartache.

Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to step up and plead your case. God made us to GLORIFY him in every little way.. our mouths included. Pray for a change of heart. Pray that God will put words on your lips that do NOTHING but show who He is.

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