Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No more bad hair days.

You don't know what your talking about. You will NEVER be successful. No one likes you. You're ugly. You're fat. You have terrible hair and skin. Don't eat that piece of pizza- Count those calories, NOW! You are soo stupid. You never say the right thing. You are worthless. You might as well just give up now.

Okay. At some point, some of those words have been said to you. They've either been said to you by another person or they have been spoken directly to you from the Devil himself. You see that little dress you have to fit in in two months, and you decide that it's okay to just eat one apple today. You look at your grades compared to everyone else's and label yourself as stupid. You have a bad hair day & you feel like you are a mess. You gain five pounds and decide that you are an absolute cow.

DON'T ACCEPT THAT. Don't accept those words from ANYONE- not from people on this earth OR the Devil. I feel like, as girls, we tend to label ourselves just as much as we label those around us. We look in the mirror in the morning and millons of thoughts flood our mind. We can't do anything with our hair.. our outfit is all wrong- and we let it get to us. We dwell on it.

So- while you are looking in the mirror- at your too-big-butt or your hair-that-won't-do-anything-at-all, God is screaming out..

"DAUGHTER. I made you with my OWN TWO HANDS. I made you beautiful. I made you unique. I made you as a painter would make his masterpiece. I took time to craft you before you were born. I wove you together. I MADE YOU! I don't make anything 'ugly' or 'worthless'. Ever."

Are we looking at God's masterpiece & saying it's fat? Saying it's ugly? Don't insult God's art. He took His time on YOU. He set aside time to piece you together. He made you beautiful in every little way.

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