Sunday, March 15, 2009

He's not settling for the sideline

To Hold: to have or keep in the hand; keep fast; grasp

Your grandfather passes away. You fail your final exam. You don't get the job you've been wanting. You finish last in the race. You wreck your car. You mess up in the middle of a concert. You forget your lines. You trip in front of the whole congregation. You gain weight. You get dumped. You break your leg. You are convinced that you have been forgotten about.

Things go wrong. ALL of the time. To alot of people, life is nothing but a day to day routine of falling down and getting back up again. To other people, it's an adventure. Some people find it to be a blessing. I think I am one of those people who fit into that last category. Wanna know why?

My Savior. It may sound very "sunday school answer-ish", but let me explain. Bad things happen to me. I lose people I love. I embarriss myself. I have heartache. I get hurt. I worry about everything. But.. I am always held. I am always protected by the hands of my Creator. I am cradled in my God's arms- and I am healed. From something simple as getting my feelings hurt, to something as major as losing a friend for good- He cares about every little -or big- thing.

It's hard to surrender though. It is. It takes alot of faith to put everything in God's hands. It shouldn't-but it does- because we are a generation who gets everything instantly. Sometimes, instead of turning to Him, we push him away. We fight his hands until we think He's put them behind his back & is standing far away in the distance. We think that eventually, we'll be able to handle things by ourselves & God can just stand on the sidelines. Well, our God is not a God willing to be our Plan B. He demands to be Plan A. He won't quit tugging at your heart until you hand it to Him- every little piece. Don't fight his hands. He's dying for you to look Him in the eyes and STOP SEARCHING. He's ALL THAT YOU NEED. He's all that I need. No one on this EARTH could ever love me like He does.. so why fight that? WHY?

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