Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dearly Beloved..

I'm listening to a song. I'm sitting here listening to a song & I'm crying my eyes out. God found a way to get RIGHT to my heart just now.. a part of my heart I have been hiding away from Him for so long.. even though He's been holding it the entire time. He's been waiting for the moment where my heart was wide open so I could see His face clearly through a few current situations- and He got every bit of my attention just now.

Please. If you don't get any more of this blog, if you don't care about this blog.. I beg you to please listen to these next few sentences. Please.

God is in love with you. He is. He is so enthralled by your beauty that He STILL falls for you every day.. knowing the kind of person you REALLY are. He doesn't just see the good little church girl who sits in the pew every single Sunday. He doesn't just see you visiting the nursing home, or teaching a class for VBS. He sees YOU. He sees you at your darkest, most embarrising, lowest, most disgusting, WORST moment, but He still wants you in His kingdom.

He shows up every second.. He's sitting right beside you NOW. He's sitting beside you at that party that you decided to go to. He's at the drug deal. He's at West Florence Highschool. He's at football games. He's at funerals. He's at weddings. He's at car crashes. The good AND the bad.. He's sitting there waiting for someone to recognize Him. He's not in disguise. He's not wearing a mask.. He's GOD. Plain and simple. He doesn't want to be a huge mystery for you.. He wants to be your beloved. He wants you as His BRIDE. Don't leave Him at the alter. He's waiting.

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