Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For the least of these.

Today, I want to blog about something very near to my heart. I've briefly blogged about this before, but I feel like God is putting this in my head for me to share with YOU! SO here it goes.. God has recently given me a soft spot in my heart for disabled children.

This year, I decided to sign up to be PMD helper. I knew these children were severely disabled. I remember walking down the hall my freshmen year being scared to death of them. It makes me sad to look back and see how I felt towards them- but I was. They scared me.

But, the first moment I walked into that class this semester, I felt at ease. I felt like God had placed me in that class for a reason. Everyday I learn something new about myself from being around them. I have become a more patient person, & I have fallen in love with each of the students. They are each so precious and smart.

So.. I bet you are wondering where I'm going with this. I'm sorry if this next part of my blog offends you, but I feel like this needs to be said.

I absolutly cannot tolerate when people make fun of these children. When they laugh at them.. imitate them or joke about their diseases, my heart aches. These children are GOD'S CHILDREN TOO. They were made by the same maker.. and one day, they will go home to their Father and be healed. Completely healed. If you feel that they are just the 'retarded kids', then you are mistaken. They each have an illness, but they are people. They have feelings & emotions just like you do. They have a heart and a mind. They need encouragement, love and attention just like we do. So.. I'm begging you, PLEASE: Don't look down on them. If anything, reach out to them. They need us. They need us to lift them up. Step up & live like Christ. He said.. "what you do for the least of these, you do it unto Me"- So.. doesn't that apply here?

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