Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scream for your Daddy.

I popped in a CD & immediately turned to a random track. I listened. I opened my heart as I was driving down the road.. and God spoke. He spoke so loud that I am CERTAIN my car (and my heart) was shaking. I was so full of Him that I couldn't hold back the tears. They flowed.. & they flowed.. & they flowed. I praised God. Because finally.. I let him speak. I shut up for five minutes and let him speak.

The words he was speaking to me were crystal clear. He was saying (more like screaming) WHERE IS THE DIFFERENCE?! if YOU really love Me.. WHERE is the DIFFERENCE LAUREN!?! Honestly. Have you ever thought about that?

No matter where you were in life when you found God (or He found you), you were a broken person. You were without real love.. without the God of the universe. You could've been the sweetest thing ever- but you were without Him. And without HIM.. You are broken. Changes were made when you let him in. They HAD to be. Because.. if no changes were made, you didn't truly let Him transform you. Face it. It's the truth.

He wants you to go ALL out for Him. Who is going to tell the world about God if you, Christian, sit back and wait? Who will tell that lost girl sitting next to you in class if YOU don't step up? Who's going to find out if no one tells?!??!

It shouldn't be a secret. It's NOT a secret. God's love for you should pour out of every bit of your body. It should stop people in their tracks. God is dying for someone to call out to Him.. He is longing for people to call out his name. He wants to be honored.

If you are God's- live like God's. Live as a daughter or son of Christ should live. Be Christ. Please. He is crying out to You.. He wants you to SCREAM OUT your love for Him. Be loud for Him. Sing for Him. Dance for Him. He's longing for you.. You are His child. You call yourself a 'child of God'.. but when's the last time you went & sat in your Daddy's lap.. gave him a big kiss, and told him THANK YOU at the top of your lungs? He's your DADDY. Treat Him like it. Jump into his arms.. he's been waiting long enough.

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