Thursday, March 26, 2009

A life of Pink & Green

This week has been quite the week. It has been filled with silly adventures, cold baseball games, prom-ness, pink & green, & LOTS of God breathed love.

So, I am completely OCD about being organized. If you know me.. well- you know this already. So, to help ease my OCD tendencies- I bought a PLANNER! A super cute, super preppy, little planner. I am SO excited about it. It is already full of many, many important dates & fun little reminders- I love it!

I went to my pre-orientation for McLeod shadowing- & I am SO excited! I prayed about getting this opportunity for a loong time- and finally! I got selected. I start shadowing the second week of April. I signed up to shadow at the Children's Hospital, Oncology, Radiation, Pharmacy & The ER. This should be SO much fun! I cannot wait.

This weekend is GIRLS weekend. I am spending the weekend at The Sista's house- my parents are going out of town for the weekend. We are going to have SO much fun! There is nothing like a little girl time when stress is all over the place!

And FINALLY.. SPRING is ALMOST HERE! Spring brings.. lots of pink & green, sunshiiine, beach trips, flip flops, ocean days & lots of memories! My spring break will be spent growing closer to God with a few of my close friends in the CRASH. We are going to Fort Caswell in NC. I am SO very excited! I just love spring- and I cannot wait to start sporting Lilly- it's the most wonderful time of the year! I have a presh Lilly skort that I cannot wait to wear- perfect with a good tan!

Live for your Father today.. PRAISE him for all the pretty pink & green-ness that is about to start blooming around you! Live a colorful life.


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