Wednesday, March 25, 2009

He has the glue-gun.

This time. Last year. Me? Living a life for God.. but constantly taking little parts of it into my own hands. Trying to control & change parts of my life so that they fit what I desired.

I went on a church trip. I went on a trip that I knew would teach me alot more about God, that would force me to be real with God- and TRUST ME, it got REAL. I remember my youth pastor saying "everyone sit in a chair- spread out & be alone with God". I remember that worship that I'd experienced beforehand.. beautiful and truthful worship.

I sat in my chair. I began talking to God. Earlier that week, Justin challenged us to consider asking God to "break us". Break us from ourselves.. so he could take our calloused hearts and make them soft to Him again. I sat in that chair-asked to be broken- and I broke into a million pieces. I began sobbing uncontrollably. I remember sitting in that chair, talking 90 miles an hour to God.. begging for Him to put me back together. I remember crying on my bestfriend's shoulder as I practically screamed to him about how broken I was. I remember him comforting me.. and I remember praising God that night. I remember my youthpastor praying with me late that night.. praying for God to start putting the pieces of me back together. I sat at God's feet that night- TRULY sat at His feet. Not praising Him for "breaking me", but praising Him JUST for the fact that he loves me enough to PIECE ME BACK TOGETHER.

That night turned my walk with Christ into something so deep- so beautiful.
I just warn you- before you ask God to break you, be prepared.
It was a totally different experience that I thought it would be-
but God brought me through it.
He showed his power & his unfailing love through that.

Fall in love with Him today. You are His BELOVED. He is enthralled by you.

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