Monday, March 23, 2009

Let His BIG Muscles do the Work.

"I PROMISE you that I will stop doing this.
This time is the LAST time, I promise."

"Okay.. I am counting on you. Daughter- I am trusting you.
PLEASE don't let me down"

I won't speak for you. I won't speak for you because I am not sitting at God's feet when you are on your knees. I am speaking for myself. Have you ever thought about how many times you've stared God in the face & spoke those words?

Have you ever meant them? I know I have looked into the eyes of my Maker and spoke those words a time too many- but I continue to do that. Every day- I mess up. I may mess up in a totally different way every day- or the same. Either way, God knows my heart. He knows that I am clawing my way as fast as I can to be in his presence. He knows that I truly am in love with Him.. and He continues to show me grace that I DO NOT DESERVE. I wish I could make those words bigger- because honestly, I deserve to be yelled at by my Savior every day- but He doesn't go there. He wraps His arms around me and loves on me instead. Can you believe that?! Grace is a beautiful thing.

Sometimes I can't resist. I get down on my knees and cry out to Him.. because He deserves every little bit of love I can give Him. I love how he constantly reminds me through the day that He is THERE. He is walking in the halls beside me- He is giving my strength. He is SO worthy of ANY little thing I can give Him. Could you imagine your Savior- the MASTER of this ENTIRE world- sitting & waiting on you to talk to him? Desperate for you to seek His face.. CRYING out to You to WAKE UP. Yearning to steal you away from this world for a few minutes because you are HIS. YOU DO NOT BELONG TO THIS WORLD. You don't. You are God's. PLEASE just climb into His arms.. they are SO STRONG.

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