Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Sometimes I find myself being sucked in to watching sappy reality TV. It doesn't happen often.. but when it does, I wave goodbye to tons of hours of my life. I found myself watching "The Bachelor" season finale last night, and yes.. I was absolutly floored by his decisions. I was so happy that he picked the sweet, charming Melissa.. and I was content with his choice. Really.. I was.

Then, the unexpected happened. After months and months of being engaged to Melissa, he told her that his feelings changed. Just like that. He got over her and moved on. Can you believe it? After falling madly in love with her.. he let her fall right through his fingertips.

So.. after the initial "I AM GOING TO CLIMB THROUGH THE TV AND KICK THAT MAN IN HIS FACE", moment.. I started thinking. I started thinking about relationships. Relationships that I've found myself in, seen others in, and watched fall to pieces. For the moment, I haven't found anyone that I could ever see myself with. Sometimes I get discouraged. I feel like everyone around me is finding someone.. & I am on the sidelines. BEFORE YOU READ ANOTHER WORD: this is not me feeling sorry for myself. I realize every single day that the Creator of this earth desires to have me fall in love with HIM. He won't ever make empty promises. He won't ever fall out of love with me. He won't EVER let me fall through his fingertips. He just won't.

So.. who are you falling for? Are you falling for this world.. or the person who formed it with His hands? If you answered the second option, I challenge you to fall completely. He's waiting patiently.. but He'll only wait so long.

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