Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daughter, please talk to Me.

My heart is so full right now. It is full of excitement, happiness, joy and love. But, it's also full of nervousness, worry, anxiety and a million different emotions.

I just want to tell you about my God. My God has lifted me up from darkness & into light. He has loved me unconditionally. He has sat beside me for hours and hours listening to me. He's listened to me cry my eyes out & He's caught every tear in His hand. He's danced with me. He's been my bestfriend. He's mended friendships. He's brought beautiful people into my life.

My heart is overpouring from Him. I am sitting here & going over this coming week in my mind.. and I am CONSTANTLY reminded of Him. I'm falling deeper in love with Him.. and it is beautiful. Actually, 'beautiful' doesn't even come close to what We have.

Please, I beg you- don't be a bad daughter- God is your daddy, and he expects the best from His daughter. Tonight, get on your knees & look him in the eye. But I'm warning you.. He becomes hard to stay away from. You WILL fall fast if you let Him catch you..

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