Monday, March 30, 2009

Just another manic Monday..

I am excited about..

1) GREEK! Season premere tonight at eight. I'm aware that it's trashy TV, but I just adore all of the characters! They are all SO cute! Adorable even.

2) PROM! Prom is in less than five days away! I have a fun RED dress, cute shoes and a precious date! Plus, I am excited to live up this night with my GIRLS! They are the most important after all, don't you think?

3) SPRING BREAK! A week away at a beach with my closest friends.. need I say more?

4) SPRING CLOTHES! Seersucker, sundresses, skorts, skirts, polos, flip flops, sperries, cardigans, button-ups, headbands.. SO MUCH PINK & GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!

5) God's AMAZING work He is doing in my life! He is showing His beauty in thousands of ways every single day!

What are YOU excited about!? Hope Monday brought you some lovin'

The girl in the ohsofabulouspinkandgreenlillypulitzersummercollection Sundress:)

PS: I was in WalWorld today & bought an old Bangles CD, just for the heck of it.
I asked the salesman where the beachmusic was first, and he said..

I replied with a "yes sir.. I know, i'm one of the few"
I mean WHO can resist some good Chairmen every once & again?! Not me.

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