Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank YOU for being a friend.

I'd like to dedicate this post to my girls. Thank you for being a friend:)

& Thank you for all the venting, the tears, the laughter, the late-nights, the chick flicks, the advice, the riding-around-aimlessly-until-we-get-lost, the giggles, the "hoe"nights, the lazy days, the football games, the dance parties, the krispy*kreme donuts, the excitement, the encouragement, the smiles, the weird conversations, ALL of the delirious sleep talk (this one goes out to you miss we-just-watched-house-bunny-you-can-do-that, aka miss i-think-i-just-broke-the-toilet), the getting ready together, the shopping trips, CAROLINA WINGS, lan--say, the stupid jokes, the.. coloring, the facebook stalking, the waiter-notes, the walmart trips, the secrets [oooh the many secrets], the "did i really just do that?!" moments, the memories, the texting, the bodily noises, the car-art {ahem}, and most of all.. thank you for all the love you've given me these past few years. You girls are my rock and my loves.. thank you for always standing beside me. I love each of you SO MUCH. So here is my thank you. God has truly blessed me with not only three amazing friends.. but three amazing sisters. I love you girls!

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