Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dancing with Jesus..

Sundays are my favorite. I love Sundays. I love being with my church family in the sanctuary at 8:30, I love being with my CRASH, I LOVE my sunday school class & the awesome discussions we have.. I love spending time with the girls in the afternoon, and then going to small groups to experience God with my girls. Sundays are full of amazing things.. I'm just saying.

Today I have been challenged. I've been challenged to get over myself. I'm been challenged to block out time to spend with my CREATOR. I've been challenged to pour more into people's lives. I've been challenged to be still and listen. I've been challenged to, without hesitation, follow God's voice.. even when I want to go with my own plans.

I've currently been pulled in many directions. I find myself stressing out for days on end about silly things. Things that might seem terribly huge at the moment, but are TERRIBLY tiny in importance in the big picture. I love feeling God all over me. I love the feeling of peace that he gives me when I am at my lowest point.

PLEASE READ THIS: He wants you. He is jumping up and down.. putting things in your path for you to look for Him in. HE IS SCREAMING OUT YOUR NAME. He is tapping on your shoulder every single second.. wanting you to just LISTEN and recognize Him for ALL that He is worth. And He is worth so much more than we can even fathom. Right now, I'm dancing with God. He is holding both of my hands.. and for once, I am letting him lead me wherever He wants to lead me.

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