Friday, February 20, 2009

A Sunset.

So today, I went to a funeral. I went to support a family that is very dear to my heart. Over the years, this family has invested in me.. Encouraged me.. and been there for me. They are each special people and I love them. Like I mentioned a few blogs ago, this family told their beloved Papa bye this week. They endured a long few weeks with him, praying for a miracle.. and they got a miracle.

He passed away. He passed away on Tuesday evening. I talked to J shortly after.. and he was at peace. He told me that as soon as he passed away, they walked into the hallway, and were met by a beautiful sunset. At the funeral, this was mentioned. I'm sorry.. but isn't God AMAZING?! Isn't He just beautiful? I felt so encouraged when I heard that.

Funerals are usually saddening. They bring tears and sorrow.. but this one.. this one was more of a celebration. A celebration that for a man who was finally going home to meet his Creater face to face. Doesn't that bring chills to your skin? I got to thinking about the first time I'll get to see Jesus. I mean.. there is no telling what I'll do. I just want to hug him. I want to hug him for a really, really long time. I'm just saying.. He deserves every little thing I can give to Him.

So tonight.. tomorrow.. wherever you go this weekend: BE AWARE. God is there. He is there and he just wants a little attention.. or a LOT of attention. Fall in love with Him. He is SO AMAZING. I can tell you firsthand how beautiful He's been in my life.. so don't wait! You don't have forever. The sunset could be right around the corner.......

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