Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are we all still in the box?

Have you ever spent time at God's feet? Honestly.. Have you? Because, I just know, if you have.. you have been changed. Each time. This week has been full of blessings. Big blessings along with the teensy ones. God has shown me Himself through death, through laughter, through tears... & I am stronger for all of that. Like I said in my last blog, I recently got to sit down with a new sister in Christ.. and her story was such an encouragement to my walk. A good friend's grandfather passed away last night, leaving a sunset for his family to see after he told them goodbye. What a beautiful thought.. isn't it? I found myself this past weekend on knees, begging for God to show me what He wants out of me.. and I'm just saying.. He is being clearer and clearer every moment that I choose to seek Him out. I found myself looking at the world around me, and KNOWING that I don't belong here forever.. and that I need to get up and show God to everyone. It needs to happen. We don't have forever here.. we have a paradise waiting for us!

I need to tell you this.. all of you who choose to read my blog: GOD wants to use YOU! He wants ALL of You. Your joy, your pain, your heartache.. He has this intricate and fabulous plan in His hands waiting for you to grasp it. He wants you to love on him and rely on Him. He wants you to go to HIM when you are hurting. He wants to wipe away your tears.. He is ENTHRALLED with You! HE IS IN LOVE WITH YOU. So take those steps. Take the first step out the box and reach for His hand.. He is patiently waiting. But we don't have forever. I'm just saying.

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