Thursday, February 26, 2009

I made them. Just like I made you.

There's always that person. That person that, for whatever reason, you can't tolerate. You see this person [or these people], and you turn and walk the other way. You think about this person and move right on to the next thought. It happens. I've heard alot, "We're human, we are going to judge each other". But I've also heard, "Don't judge others.. you don't have the power to do that". So what one do I side with? Definitely the latter.

This week, my heart has been changed in all kinds of ways. My heart was pulled out of a relationship, pulled towards a friendship, pulled around a situation.. And comforted. It was held. It was held in God's hands because He knew I needed His comfort. He knew I was aching for Him..

In this midst of it all, I felt God tugging at my heart. He was tugging about alot of things.. some of which I can't say on here, but He really started tapping my shoulder about some particular things. The main thing that I needed to hear was:

"Lauren.. look at all my children the same. Look at them through my eyes. I MADE these people around you. I made the annoying guy. I made the girl with the bad reputation. I made the girl sitting by herself at lunch. I MADE THEM. So you.. you need to see them THROUGH MY EYES. See all of my children as I see you.. Beautiful and a perfect masterpiece"

That may seem like alot to take in.. because it is. It's alot to wrap your mind around. You may think it is a simple thought.. but it takes so much effort. I pray every day for God to make me see through His eyes. To see the hurting. To see the broken. Just open your eyes to what God has put in front of you.

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