Monday, February 2, 2009

17 People that have impacted my life.

Okay. I have been wanting to post this for awhile, but I was always a little nervous to do so. But, here it is.. My thoughts on 16 important people in my life. Some of these people are ones who I love, while some of these people need to read this for other reasons. Just read it. Find out who you are.. I dare you:)

1) You are beautiful from the inside, out. You have taken the time out of your life to invest in mine.. and to pray for me, lift me up, and be an amazing friend. You are following God's plan for you right now and I am so full of joy for you! You inspire me. The past few months, our friendship has grown into something amazing and strong. I definitely look up to you.

2) You are extremely arrogant. I hope someone is able to put you in your place soon, because it needs to happen. Really.

3) You are an amazing guy. You have been a friend to me through thick & thin. Thanks for listening to me spill my guts about everything. I just wish you'd open your eyes. You are worth more than you think. You deserve so much more than what you are letting yourself have. Pinky swear.

4) You've never, not ONCE, let me down. I am in awe every single day that God brought us back together. You are my sissy, my bestfriend and my cousin. Thank you for every little thing you do for me! You are truly the only person who has fully ever 'gotten' me.

5) Your smile makes ME smile. Thank you for that.

6) I wish you didn't live 13458349 miles away. I don't care though, our friendship hasn't changed.. nor will it change. You have been my brother since fifth grade. Distance doesn't mean anything when a friendship is so strong.

7) I'm really shocked about the road you've chosen to take. Actually, not so much shocked. Just a little bit disappointed.

8) You are an amazing guy. You are a gentlemen, a sweetheart and you make me really happy.

9) You forgot all about me when you went to college. I love you though.

10) You are honest with me, and you never try to sugarcoat anything. I feel like I can trust you, and that's really rare for me. You should know this applies to you.

11) I wish we could've seen our friendship fading away before it was over. I miss you every single day.

12) You reaaaally have to be careful what you say. I have problems trusting you.. and I wish I didn't. But you have a track-record of running your mouth.

13) You make me giggle. & I mean ALOT alot. You are so wise and I love when you have something to say. I love our dance-offs & car art. You have proven to me that you are a great and genuine girl! I love you for that.

14) We have been through alot this year, but honestly, I wouldn't take any of it back. Our friendship has become unstoppable. You are precious and you are always there for me- you never judge me or let me be upset. You cheer me up and make my day so much brighter. & I love facebook/sherriff stalking with you. LASARAH=love. Always.

15) You are a flirt.. big time. You know it and you know just how to sweettalk me. Unfortunately, that isn't happening anymore. I'm stronger than that.

16) I wish you were how you used to be. People change though. I still love you. Don't forget that. Please.

17) Lastly, you are just beyond amazing. You have set an example for me of what a Godly girl is.. and I appreciate that every day! Thanks for being my P.P, my bfff, my partner in crime, and my rock. I love you. Mean it.

& now. I'll tag. Those of you on here that have a blog, you're getting tagged.

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