Monday, December 22, 2008

faLA la LALA

SO, I'm supposed to be vacuuming/ folding clothes/ sweeping, but I figured this would be a little more fun :)

Last night didn't exactly work out, Daddy had to take a quick trip to the E.R yesterday (Everything's okay!) so the *girls night* was postponed. Hayley ended up coming over for a little while, and we exchanged our presents. She gave me a FABU home-made Clemson blanket, that is just OH SO toasty and warm! She also gave me a pretty Silver clemson necklace, that I just ah-dore! I gave her "The Devil Wears Prada" & a silver necklace of an anchor. We had an amazing hour-or-so of laughing and giggling. What an AMAZING bestfriend I have!

Today has been a lazy day so far, but cleaning awaits me this afternoon. Then, I'm heading over to Caro's for a Christmas party with the faves. I am beyond excited! Chili, Cornbread, a Christmas movie and good friends. Doesn't that just spell AMAZING?! This season is a constant reminder of how blessed I am! Even though Blake will be in Afghanistan for Christmas & Patrick will be in Auburn, Christmas will still be the best time of this year. I am so thankful for what I have. Thanksgiving is supposed to be the "Give Thanks Holiday", but for me, Christmas is where I feel the most thankful.

xoxo, LK

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