Sunday, December 21, 2008

"it's a marvelous night for a moondance.."

Soo.. I kind of love Christmas. Not just the whole present thing, but the real reason behind it. It sounds a little cliche, but JESUS is why we celebrate! Think about it.. an entire holiday devoted to a birth.. but not just ANY birth.. A PERFECT and beautiful human's birth. How will you celebrate?

Today will be a lazy day.. ahh, I love these kinds of days! Jammies & Lifetime movies alllll afternoon :) Tonight is the annual Girls Nite-*Christmas Version*. We're exchanging gifts, watching The Notebook, and catching up on our week. I have some pretty special girls as my bestfriends! Caroline & I have known each other since 4k, and Hayley & I have known each other since she was born- April 10, 1992. It's awesome to have Christian girls as your sistas- they know when you need the pint of icecream and a chick flick, but they also know when you need encouragement and a little piece of God's Word. Needless to say.. these girls are AMAZING! And I am beyond thankful to have them.

So.. Here I go, off to the land of sleep & laziness for a fabu Sunday afternoon :) Hopefully Lifetime won't let me down....


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