Thursday, May 10, 2012

Snotty noses, PB&J & so much love.

The past few months have been different.

Last year, I spent my days consumed with schoolwork & working at the boutique. I ate, slept and breathed school and work. Work & school. School and work. It was fun, busy and exciting. I didn't hate it. It suited me.. kept me busy.

This year...... Big time, huge, different kind of busy. Yes, schoolwork consumed some of my time. But.. after quitting my job at the boutique, my work became a little different.

Instead of playing dressup in the walls of a boutique, dressing women for dates or big events, I started playing dressup with little nuggets in Rapunzel wigs and plastic high heels. Instead of closing the books at the end of the day, I start tucking in little divas "Snug as a bug in a rug." Lunch break consisted of apple slices and PB&J instead of ordering takeout from a local restaurant. Things changed. I loved it.

Babysitting almost every single day may sound tiring or boring to some.. but I LOVE it. I love having breakfast & then playing outside with three squealing girls and a flock of ducks. I love playing rockstars and making music videos entitled, "God rocks the house, DUDES!"I love saying goodnight prayers and reading books for hours. I love dance parties and karaoke. I adore playing Barbies & hearing about boys, fairytales and little girl sized dreams. It makes me smile.

While some college girls are waiting tables, I am cleaning up dried on macaroni off of one. Some girls may be laying on the beach all day, while I am laying in the grass with little ones jumping on my face. (It's okay. I promise!) Alot of girls are getting dressed up for formal, wearing flowing, beautiful dresses. I, on the other hand, am probably dressed up in a princess outfit, complete with a crown and blonde Repunzel wig. While the job of a babysitter isn't always glamorous, God has USED it. God has used this season of my life to teach me.. through girls under the age of 6. SIX! Don't worry.. I will explain.

My most favorite six year old is in BIG TIME love with her Jesus. When she prays, she leaves her eyes open. This lovey has shown me exactly what Jesus meant when He said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the LIFE." Sometimes, I peek to catch a glimpse of her conversation with her Jesus. It's almost as if she is looking her Savior straight in the eyes. She's focused. Eyes open. She prays to her Savior with conviction and beautiful, carefully chosen words. By the end of her prayers, she has me covered in chillbumps. She is crazy about God. She loves talking about Him, memorizing His Word. She always the very first to volunteer to bless the food, or pray for a prayer requests. She warms my heart.. but her love for Jesus leaves me in tears.

Another little divababy loves to LOVE. She is PURE joy. Spunk. Sass. When she hugs, she squeezes as hard as she can. The verse in the Bible in 1 John that talks about love, real, JUICY love, reminds me of her. "Dear friends.. LOVE one another, for LOVE comes from GOD." She's a lover. She will kiss your face until you have splotches all over it. She will try and eat your cheeks if you let her. I love it. I love talking to her about the people she loves. She can't get enough of LOVE.

Lastly, a two year old little nugget. She's KIND. Gentle. Tender-hearted. Lover of the Word of God.. ALREADY! Loves to tell you the fruits of the Spirit. Loves to jump in your arms and give you a big kiss on the lips. She is absolute gentleness, bottled into a little blonde baby. This one never, ever gets angry or agitated when something goes wrong. She just smiles. Alot.

Through the past few months, my Father has used these three (And TONS of other little divaloves that I ADORE, simply adore) to teach me simple, powerful truths.

1. LOVE one another. Love. Simply love. Don't hold back love. Never, ever hesitate to love. When you are filled up with love, spill it out everywhere. Drench everyone around you in it. Love so hard that it makes you sleepy.

2. Talk to Your Father. Talk to Him ALL. OF. THE. TIME. Tell Him everything. Run to Him before running to anyone else. Approach His throne humbly, but look right at Him and "By prayer and petition, present your requests to God."

3. Patience. P A T I E N C E. Sometimes, things don't and won't go the way you want them to. They just won't. When they do, rejoice. When they don't, rejoice. This fruit of the Spirit is not easy. It is not something that you can attain on your own. It is a fruit of the SPIRIT. When the Spirit becomes living and active inside of you, patience is natural.

4. A relationship with Jesus is a LOVE AFFAIR. Nothing less. Being a follower of Jesus means to be wrapped UP in Who HE is. Serious, juicy, deep love affair with Him is neccessary. Essential. Needed, always.

I may not have realized it until recently, but little girls are the best teachers. The absolute BEST. My little nuggets have taught me what undignified love, patience, kindness, forgiveness & hope looks like. Their faith has been an inspiration & absolute joy for me to witness. I love praying with them. I love talking about Jesus with them. They are wise little babies. I'm praising God that I have gotten to see them grow & shine like stars in the universe.

Faith like a child. I think I get it now.

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