Sunday, January 31, 2010

ready, set, go!

a·lone (ə-lōn') adj.
Being apart from others; solitary.
Being without anyone or anything else; only.
Considered separately from all others of the same class.
Being without equal; unique.

Take yourself to the doors of wherever you go on a Monday morning.
You might find yourself in the hallways of a school, in the foyer of a business or in a grocery store. Now, look around. There is that girl standing by herself. She has no one to talk to, but you walk right on by. You'll let someone else talk to her. A few more steps to the left, you see that guy. Oh, you know.. that guy. The one that wears all black and sits on the ground with headphones in his ears.. escaping the world around him.
No. You don't stop. I mean really, what would people think?

Now.. fast forward. take yourself to the summer.
You are in a different state, a different community and a different environment.
It is your first day on a mission site- a playground full of children waiting to hear about Christ. You see a little girl standing by herself. You run up to her and start asking her about herself. She is hesitant at first, but then her guard is let down. She holds your hand as you walk a few steps to the left. There's that little boy.. he is sitting by the fence with a gameboy. He looks occupied, but you stop. You tell him that you want him to play a game with you, and he grabs your other hand. Just like that. Boom. You were Christ's hands and feet.

Two different scenes- four different children.

Why do we make it hard?

There is the girl standing by herself by the drink machine as you walk into school. You could totally stop and talk to her.. and you feel God tugging at your heart to stop, but you don't. You walk. You ignore the Creator of the universe without blinking an eye.

When did we make the girl at school and the girl at the mission trip two different hearts? When did we ever get the power to judge who is more deserving of Christ's love? We didn't ever get that power. We won't ever have that opportunity.
Praise God that we don't.

While we ARE called to reach out to the hurting and lost all over the world, we are also called to the hurting and lost that we meet every single day.

What is stopping us from running into school, opening up our eyes and hearts and seeing who God has placed in front of us?

We are called to the lonely. Those who are set apart.
Those were are seen as 'unequal'.
Those who are automatically placed in a lower class at first glance.

Open your eyes to the hurting and the broken.
The girl sitting at lunch by herself needs to know Our maker!
She needs to feel complete and wholeness given by Christ.
Ready, set, go!

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