Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Before trying to type this blog, I prayed. I prayed for God to speak through me.

And, after backspacing and starting over for forty-five minutes, I prayed once more. Now I know what he wants me to tell you.

His love is unfailing. It is mighty, amazing, beautiful and an adventure. His love never, ever leaves. It is there even in the darkest of nights. His love is sacred. His love is a treasure. His love is completely undeserved.. but freely given. His love breaks hardened hearts. His love transforms. His love is everything. His love will turn your life upside down every single day that you let it. His love is truly overwhelming. His love makes you want to dance. His love makes you want to surrender. His love takes brokenness and molds it into wholeness. His love is what shows you how to love. His love is in the sunshine, in the church and in your school. His love is ever-present. In fact, his love is wrapping around you right this second. Feel it?

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