Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Falling for Fall..

Ten (lovely!) things that I recommend for you to do this week:

1) Hug someone. Really tight. If you see someone walk by you with a frown, go right up to them and hug them. It helps. Always.

2) Get a pink hair extension for Breast Cancer Awareness! In my town, we have the opportunity to donate $10 to the Breast Cancer Foundation and recieve a pink hair extension as an extra treat! It's an awesome way to support the foundation, as well as a way to start a conversation on preventing this cancer!

3) Pray. Just sit in front of God and talk to him. It's as simple as that. Hangout with your Creator.

4) Tell your bestfriends how much they mean to you. A girl is a lucky one if she has lovely bffs by her side.

5) Buy a sweater dress and some cute tights! Sweater dresses are so practical- they are cute, as well as warm and comfy! Tights keep your legs warm and add the "chic" element to any outfit!

6) Stop at a stoplight and sing and dance your heart out. Seriously. Do it.

7) Go see your grandparents. They'll brighten your day. Pinky promise.

8) Dress up. Wear something pretty- it will make your day twice as fun!

9) Do something for someone else! Take a minute to tell someone they look pretty, or help someone carry something. Smile. Laugh. Be nice.

10) Last, but NOT least- wear some pink and green! It will cheer you up, put a smile on your face, and a hop in your step! There's nothing like splash of color to leave your day lovely!

XOXO, friends! Have a fabulous week.



Headbands and Hand Bags said...

What a darling post! I might take you up on idea 5 today! I have my eye on a darling sweater dress!

BLC :o said...

I'm definitely going pink! :) Xoxo-BLC

CAC muffin said...

thank you for this delightful post! I need that!