Thursday, August 27, 2009

She'll make the best of what's around..

Hi loves! What a beautiful week it's been! I am enjoying my second week as a senior to a hilt! Every night this week, my youthgroup has been blessed to have a phenominal speaker, Joe Shelton, bring God's Word in a real and awesome way. We've also had Michael John Clement+Band lead us in worship. To say the least, God has rocked my world in awesome ways this week.. and I can't wait to tell you all about them!

But, today is THURSDAY, which means tomorrow is FRIDAY, and Friday always brings sunshine and lovelyness my way! We have our first pep rally of Senior year tomorrow- which I am dancing around about! Every year as a class, we've made t-shirts with one letter on each shirt, spelling something 'catchy' or cute. This year, we are taking a different route. Fifty of us are spelling out something really special and something that means alot to us as a class. It's a secret, so I can't spill the beans quite yet- but pictures will be posted soon after! Then, tomorrow night is the first football game- we're playing our rivals and it is sure to be exciting! Tradition is that all seniors (Guys AND girls!) wear a white button up & tie to the first football game. I have a presh tie to wear- (hint hint:) let's just say it involves cute little pink whales! I'm so excited:)

So, subtract a sick day, a few boring classes and a little bit of worry, and I've had quite a fabulous week. I hope that you have too. I hope that you have loved on someone, said thank you to the God you is surrounding you right now, and made the most of any little sunshine that's come your way!

All my preppy pink & green love,

The girl in the sundress

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I am glad school is going so well! Enjoy your weekend!