Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's terribly easy to get down in the dumps. It's even easier to mope around when something goes wrong. We're human- we're going to have bad days. Things will go wrong. Your plans will fall through, your hair will frizz and you'll spill a glass of sweet-tea on your new dress. It happens. Some things are avoidable, while others just.. aren't. We plan and plan for things to go smoothly, just to have our 'plans' be changed or forgotten about. We start off a day with burnt toast- followed by a flat tire, an F on a quiz, a long lunch line, a drink machine taking our dollar, traffic and then three hours of homework to top off an already less-than-fabulous day.

So, we lay down our head after all the homework has been done, and we start thinking. We think about how horrid our day was, fearing tomorrow will be equally, if not more, horrid. We disect every little part of the day until we've exhausted our brains. We wake up the next day, and burn the toast again. Here comes another bad day.

PAUSE. Hold on a second. In the midst of all of the bad that yesterday brought, there was good. There was a hug from your bestfriend, a compliment on your paper from your teacher. Your favorite song was playing when you got in the car for school, and you were on time. And.. you are victorious.

No, you didn't win the trophy for greatest bad day ever. In fact, YOU won nothing. The victory is yours, but won by Someone else. It's like you came in last place but still got the trophy, the glory and the bragging rights. You deserved to win nothing.. not even a pat on the back. Instead, you got everything. You got love and peace from the REAL winner of the race. The battle has already been won. God won the battle.. it's just time for us to start living like we're victorious. We've been saved.

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Kerry said...

I absolutley love this. I am in the middle of taking a break and this us just what I needed to read in order to destress. This is going on my bulletin board for sure!