Thursday, July 9, 2009

I believe in pink..

Well, hello pretties! I'm sitting here waiting patiently for the sun to start shining by the pool so I can join the rays for the afternoon, but until then.. here are my favorite things of the week! :)

the Queen of Babble series! So precious.. I am on this one, the last of the series, but I positively adore them! They are cute and quick reads.. but not too sappy! I highly recommend them- Along with the rest of Meg Cabot's work! (She's my fave!)

C.O.A.S= Beyond precious. C and I rented this the other night for our weekly movie night.. and we both adored it! So cute.. I can definitely feel for Miss Bloomwood! The clothes in this movie were amazing.. and the leading man was very suave and dapper! If you love a light summer movie.. see this! So worth your time- Pinky swear!

2 Preppy girls! I entered their giveaway offered on their blog- I was sent a PRESH monogram for Hannah the Montero in lime green- I ADORE it! One step closer to Hannah's facelift! Yay! Blog love goes to you, 2preppygirls!

SUNDRESSES, thank you so much for being my attire during the hott southern summer. YOU are fabulous. You keep me cool yet comfortable, and I appreciate you for that.

..what are your favorite things this week? Happy July! XOXO

PS: Please, please thank your Creator for another beautiful day in the sunshine.. GO out and dance in His love!

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