Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Staring at the water.

thirst·y (thûr'stē)
adj. thirst·i·er, thirst·i·est
Desiring to drink.
Arid; parched: thirsty fields.
Craving something: thirsty for news.
Very absorbent: a thirsty sponge.
thirst'i·ly adv., thirst'i·ness n.

We all know what it feels like to thirst. We've all been absolutly parched & dying for water at some point. So instead of finding water, we sit there and imagine a huge glass of water waiting for us after a workout or while we're laying on the beach.. and we thirst even more. We are so fixated on our thirst that we aren't going to be satisfied until our desire is met.

Now, imagine sitting at a table with ten ice cold bottles of water on it. You are SO THIRSTY.. you have worked through a day in the sun with no hydration whatsoever, but you ignored the thirst & kept striving. You are staring this water in the face. Why wouldn't you just take a sip?

You are scared. You are terrified of the committment that will follow that gulp of water. What if it tastes bad? What if it makes me change? What if my friends see me with this bottle of water & disown me? Maybe I should just be cool and stick it out without this water. I mean.. I can make it, right? Who needs water to survive anyway?

You are thirsty. You are craving.. searching.. desiring.. and there is water right in front of you. You dance around the truth.. believing that you are already strong enough, tough enough, & cool enough & you don't have a need for this water. The truth is.. your Savior is standing before you holding his arms open WIDE.. for YOU. For you, the too-cool-too-tough-too-awesome person. He knows you're selfish.. He knows you're greedy.. but He is still begging you to reach out & take a sip of Him. He wants you to take that one sip.. because you will be hooked. You won't be able to stay away.. You won't thirst for the world or the things of it.. You will thirst for your Master.

Now, why are you still staring at the water?
Open a bottle and drink it.. You won't be able to stop. Promise.

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