Monday, June 1, 2009

M.A.L.M :)

Here are some of the things that have been floating around in my head today=)

1) Twilight: New Moon. I need to read the second book. Pronto. The trailor for New Moon looks absolutly fabulous.. Edward Cullen=Love. Seriously.

2) Being sick just isn't very fabulous & doesn't mesh well with painting the town pink in honor of summer. Guess I'll put the paint away & wait a few more days..

3) I should probably work on owning all of the seasons of the Nanny. Fran Fine is my favorite character EVER, and the show puts me in a SUCH happy mood. I stay up and watch it at 11 & 11:30 each and every night. It ends my day well=)

4) Anatomy is really hard & I don't know how anyone can say there is no God when they study the body. I have my exam on Wednesday, which means my next few nights are devoted to the intricately designed masterpiece from my Creator.

5) I really, really have some amazing friends. CH, HB, AR- thank you for the last couple weeks. They mean more to me than my words could portray.

6) My big brothers & big sisters graduate in just a few days. I cried my eyes out yesterday as they walked down the aisle in church in their caps & gowns. Saturday will be bittersweet: I am thrilled for them as they open the next chapter of their lives.. but sad to not be spending every day with them. God is going to use them to infect their colleges with Christ.. just you wait and see!

7) God is all about taking your breath when you least expect it. Trust me.

8) I really, really miss my bestfriend. We're about to start our senior year & I wish he was walking those halls with me next year.. but I am rejoicing that God is using him in powerful ways at his new mission field.

9) Kris Allen is just precious & I believe that he will go far. Who said the nice guy always finishes last?

have a beautiful day. Don't be scared to let God use you. Don't be scared to listen to His voice before anyone else's. Fall in love with Him.. once you get a glimpse of who He is.. it is IMPOSSIBLE to stay away. Pinky Swear.

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