Monday, June 15, 2009

rooting for the good guys..

Oh.. Reality Television! I hate to say this.. but I watched the season Premiere of the Bachelorette [out of boredom] a few weeks ago.. and now, I am hooked.

I always start watching this series and by the end, I am disappointed. So far, I think Jillian is a pretty good judge of character. My favorites so far are Kypton & Jake! I just love them. Also.. Robby. All three guys seem genuine (as far as I can tell!) and I look forward to see who she ends up falling for! It's always so romantic. Which is probably why it hooks me every time.. Who is your favorite this season?! I always find myself pulling for the good guy.. maybe, just MAYBE, he won't finish last this time!

PS: I'm praying for my CRASH family that is leaving God's fingerprints all over Jamaica this week.. Pray for them with me? XOXO

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