Monday, May 18, 2009

Wait.. are we really this old?

Junior Year. It's almost over and it scares me just a tiny bit. Honestly, are we supposed to be this old? Is this for real? It's almost over. We're about to start the last chapter of highschool. Seriously!? Junior year was the most stressful, trying, powerful, crazy beautiful year so far. I look back and I look at all of the friendships lost, gained, recreated, mended, & renewed throughout highschool and it takes my breath.

Ninth grade. I walked in with Paigey & Pattymac as seniors & my bestfriend Carter by my side. I made friends, lost them & found a love for Christ that is indescribable and hasn't left my heart since. I fell for a boy, danced in the rain & learned how to drive. I found one of the greatest friendships I've ever had & lead a bible study in West Virginia for 15 third graders.

Tenth grade. The first day wasn't nerve racking. I spent every single weekend with Katlyn & I went to Tri Hi Y for the first time with the ones I love. My cousin and I found a deep and lovely friendship in the midst of tearful phonecalls, trips to the beach & sleepovers. My bestfriend moved far far away & I cried for weeks. I was surprised with a car for my 16th birthday & had no clue I was getting it. I realized on that night how much my parents are willing to sacrifice for me. It gives me chills just thinking about that night.

and finally.. Eleventh grade. I found a crew, drifted from them & then found my way back to them. Two words: Hoe Night. I found a boy that wasn't for me & had to follow Christ through it all. I went to prom & wore a bright red dress.. SO not me! I stayed up thousands of nights having talks with my bestfriend. Many with her cat right beside me, most with a cup of coffee in my hand, a few with the Titanic in the background & one in.. a bed. (Hayls hope you remember that one! EW!) I spent hours upon hours with Caroline Hinson & she has made me a better person inside and out. Especially the night we walked around the neighborhood after midnight & then layed in the driveway and solved all of the problems in the world. THAT was a meaningful night. Hmhm

and.. now. We are about to begin the last little bit of time together. All of us. We may all drive each other crazy now, but we are going to miss it. I get chills thinking about losing my Wikiegirl, Onaalie, Huntman.. I don't like thinking about it. But, I thank God so much for putting them in my life. They have been my brothers & sister for the past four years & I wouldn't change anything about our memories. They were breathed by God. I have seen Christ in their lives in ways so real & beautiful.. I thank my God every single day for bringing them into my life.

I have one more year with these people. One more year to show them Who my SAVIOR is. I have no time to waste. None at all. & neither do you. That girl that God has been putting in your classes for the last 12 years is there for a REASON. Don't leave her behind.

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