Saturday, May 16, 2009

I get kissed by the sun each morning..

Honestly.. If I have to take another test, I will die. He broke up with me and now I have nothing to hope for. They don't take me seriously. I'm a failure. I can't dance. I lost the game once again. My bestfriend doesn't see me anymore. I get laughed at everyday. I'm stupid. I'm worthless.

hmhm. Those words are all too familier, aren't they? Those are the words that creep back into your mind in your happiest moments. You are sitting on top of the world until you remember how small you really are. You are singing and praising your Lord until you remember how unworthy you are. We sit and dwell on all of the trivial aspects of our lives.. when there is a huge ray of sunshine right behind them. We live our lives day by day reminding ourselves of the parts of our lives that need mending, fixing, gluing or cutting. It's not worth it.

When did we forget how blessed we truly are? Yes.. the test may seem bigger than life itself, but it's not if you study with the brain God gave you. You got dumped. So WHAT! God has a prince charming in his eyesight that is yearning for you too! No one is ever a 'failure' at life. Ever. You're bestfriend needs loving from you in order for them to give it back. God gave everyone brains. God gave everyone WORTH.

I sing a song in my heart tonight.. It is honestly what brings chills to my skin & tears to my eyes. It lifts me up and makes me praise God. It forces me to see the sunny side and it inspires me to love. Don't waste your breaths away on complaining.. waste them away rejoicing! You have been BLESSED. When are you going to open your eyes and take it all in?

I Have Been Blessed

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