Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just Breathe.

Right now, I'm just sitting here. I'm sitting here thinking about alot of things. I'm feeling really discouraged and overwhelmed. I won't lie, I can't even focus on doing anything, my thoughts keep flying around everything that is going on. Do you ever get like that? One of those i-have-to-call-my-bestfriend-and-cry/vent-to-her-until-she-comforts-me kinds of deals? Thankfully, I have a bestfriend who understands me and doesn't judge me.. but I also happen to have a God who is BEGGING me to run to him first. He soothes me and holds me while I cry. He cares about every little hurt feeling that I have.. and He allows me to get out all the details until I feel 100% better.

During those moments, however frequently they may come up, I have a God who understands me. He knows every single little detail, flaw, and strong point about me.. and still is enthralled by me. I have no idea how He is still putting up with me, but I am thankful for his unfailing love and grace.

These lyrics make me feel God all over me. I can feel Him literally chasing me around going "LAUREN! SERIOUSLY?! I AM RIGHT HERE. SLOW DOWN FOR FIVE SECONDS TO SEE ME!! JUST BE STILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I hope you find encouragement in some way before you lay your head down tonight to go to sleep. Just look around you.. God is dying to hangout with you! He is the King of Kings.. give him some attention! HE DESERVES it.

"I am a beggar, You are the table
I am so helpless, God You are so able
And when I get turned around You change my direction
You're so perfect, I'm so broken, here You come with arms wide open
Chasing after me down every road
You're always waiting there"-Rush of Fools

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