Saturday, January 24, 2009

Whatevers-in-my-head kind of post:)

So, my weekend is already fabulous. Last night I went to the ULTIMATE girls*night/birthdayparty/extravaganza. Alison, Samantha, Ashley, Kirbi, Stina, Haylay, shayBEE & I all went to the Cox's house. We started out eating.. eating some more.. enjoying each other's company. Then, we watched Eagle Eye(QUITE THE MOVIE!!), and then headed off to bed. Hayley & I then preceded to stay up an extra 2-or-so hours to catch up on life. We sat there and told each other secret after secret after secret. I'm telling you what.. It is SO nice to have a bestfriend who knows every little thing about you. She gets me. I am BEYOND thankful for her. End. Of. Story.

&.. My birthday is coming up! February 28th to be exact. I'm trying to decide exactly what I want to do.. I know it involves my friends & familia.. but what to do?! Anyways.. to cut to the chase.. I have a few things on the wishlist. I really think that these shoes are the most precious things ever- & I've wanted them since I've seen them forever ago. The problem is- what color? Hmhm.. Oh how I adore a good sandal..

have a FABULOUS day..
xoxo, the girl in the precious sundress:]

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