Monday, January 19, 2009

This is an emergency.

The past week has been challenging. Things have happened. Deaths have happened.. sudden ones. It's scary. It's scary to sit here and experience all of this. Sitting back and watching all of this happens really makes my heart ache. I just sit at God's feet and ask him about it.. and he comforts me. He lets me know that he has reasons. I might not see them right now, but he HAS reasons.

All of this makes me realize.. This is an emergency. We, as Christians, have GOT to get up and tell everyone. We have to tell everyone who our Maker is. It's said all the time.. 'You may be the only Christ that a person sees'. It's soo true. West Florence is desperate for Him. We have to take advantage of the opportunities God gives us.. and make the most of each one. It's heartbreaking when I think about all of the chances I have blown during my three years at West Florence. I think it's time that we all step up and start loving on people.

Pray for the Todd family and the Massey family.
& Listen to this song.. this is SO all about what is on my heart right now.

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