Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So... I'm Sitting Here.

I'm sitting here. I just got done watching some hilarious, some heartwarming, and some down-right embarrising American Idol. I love being able to hangout and chill with my momma for a little while.

This post will be a little all-over-the-place. So here's a fair warning!

Lately, I have been stressed. But... In the midst of all of the tears, the worry, the chemistry.. I have still felt at ease. I'm not at the verge of a panic attack like usual, [I decided just to shop-it-out when I got to that point..]. Last night, I went to get some help for Chem from an AWESOME friend of mine. We started talking about frustrations, due to a recent blog he posted. I started thinking... and it's sad how many things really DO get to me. Aside from all the cliche ones, the 'missing a spot on the dry erase board', or the 'not matching the shoes with the handbag', I have a few frustrations that bother me on a daily basis.

(He said I could copy, so here we go..)
1) It frustrates me when people that I love going away to college. I kind of cringe at the thought of the seniors graduating in May. These guys and girls have been my guides and my protectors for the past few years.. It makes my heart hurt when I think about them being so far away. It frustrates me that we can't all just stay here.

2) People who walk past someone sitting alone. [I have DEF. been guilty of this.. but lately, my heart aches when I see that happen]

3) When people make fun of disabled people. It happens so much, and I kind of tear up when people make fun of someone who can't defend themselves. I have a heart for those people.

4) I'm frustrated by the fact that I ignore God so much. I'm working on it, as fast as I can, but it's such a hard thing for me. It frustrates me that I can't just listen.

5) And last but NOT least.. I am frustrated when I try my hardest, study all night long and work myself to death for a class and I can't seem to get it. It will always be a problem for me I suppose.

Besides all of those frustrations.. I've gotten through every single day with the comfort that my Lord is sitting besides me experiencing all of it right along with me. Maybe frustrations are put in my life for me to step up and overcome them. To take that boundary and make something fantastic out of it.

XoXo, The girl in the ridiculously cute sundress.

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