Saturday, January 10, 2009


Friends. They are the people you run to when you're crying, the people you run to when you are full of joy, and the people you turn to when you just need company. Throughout my life, I have had some fantastic people as my friends. I remember my first 2 BEST friends were Carson Summersett and Aimee Calcutt. Then, Liz Lynch and I became BFF. Those three girls and I still talk on occasion.. And it is neat to see how we've all grown up.

The real friendships began in Middle School. Those friendships were the ones that were REAL. Not superficial. The guys and girls I grew close to are the ones who I still turn to today. Highschool brought change. Some people changed, people grew apart.. And the BESTfriends started to surface. The ones who won't leave you. The honest and loving ones. The Godly and strong ones.

I've known my two bestfriends for different amounts of time. One of them, since she was born, and the other, since we were in Elementary school. Hayley has always been a huge part of my life. When we were little, we always were the ones who were walking around holding hands and telling secrets. Being cousins definitely makes the bond alot stronger.

My other bestfriend, Carter, and I always balanced each other out. We fight alot. We disagreed and argued until we had nothing else to argue about. But then we'd laugh about it. I have always been able to trust him with my deepest secrets and know they are safe. He is a strong Christian guy.. and he really pushes me to live out my walk with Christ.

Who are your friends? Do you love them through EVERYTHING?
Are your friendships striving towards God? How is your friendship WITH God himself?

xoxo, THe girl in the LILLY sundress.

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