Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just "Be"

So. The past few days have been a whirlwind. Nonstop plans.. A minimum of sleep.. But it's all okay. Here's the play-by-play from the past few days..

Okay. So, Friday, I got on a bus to go to Travelers Rest for Winter Retreat. It was, of COURSE, nothing short of amazing. The bible study each night was eye opening and heart touching.. And I really hope to blog on each night eventually. Lets just say that God moved in all KINDS of awesome ways.. My heart felt things from Him that it has never felt before. Awesome.

Then.. School. Monday was an awesome day. Not only did I feel God through every second.. But I felt a whole new comfort about getting up and going. I saw things in a different way- I saw my mean teacher as someone to encourage, I saw a catty girl as someone to love on, and I saw a whole school of people DESPERATE for God. It's a beautiful feeling to know that God has his arm around you when you walk through those people.. No other feeling even COMPARES.

Of course.. Lots of laughs have been had over the last couple days.. Some tears have been shed (Most of which were of pure joy!).. But I have felt so in touch with God. I feel like His plan is being carried out through me.. And it is a mind-blowing thing! I dare you to experience it!

XoXo, The girl in the sundress.

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kali said...

i'm so glad yall had an awesome time and that God was moving and teaching and revealing Himself to all of you. i'm only sad i wasn't there!