Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Thankful For..

A. Apples (you KNOW you love them too), Argyle, Awkward moments
B. Belts, Boys, Beach, Beach Music
C. Cranberry Juice, Cracker Barrel tradition, Christmas, CHRIST, Crash
D. Daddy, Double Chocolate Chip fraps, Dresses
E. Eves of Holidays (such as my birthday, Christmas, new years)
F. Fathers, FAMILY!, Fun-Facts, Fabu restauraunts, Fishing
G. Grandaddy & Gran, Grapes
H. Happy faces, Holidays
I. Ice Cream
J. Juice (fruit juice is my faveee), Jeans
K. Kind people, Kiwis
L. Love, Laughter, Life, Lollipops, Lemondade, Lounge Chairs
M.Marching bands, Maps, Mapquest, Michael (and ALL OF THE LOTTS!), Mac&Cheese
N. Necklaces, Neckties, New shoes
O. Old friends, Orange things, OCEAN!
P. Putnams, Pink!, Pens, Pretty Paper
Q. Quilts
R. Races, Ralph Lauren Polo
S. Sissy (Hayley), Santa
T. Tele, T-Shirts, Tennis
U. Underwear (don't pretend YOU aren't thankful!!), Useless car rides
V. Venti drinks from Starbucks
W. Williams family, Waterparks, Wide open spaces
X. Xylophones, XM radio
Y. Young children (they are my fave people!), Yogurt
Z. Zoos, Zebras, ZAXBY'S!
xOx0 : )

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