Sunday, May 9, 2010

A little of four years.

One more full week left of highschool for me.

What are a few things I have learned?

I've learned that, no matter what I may think, I don't control my life. I may try to take things into my own hands, but things will never work when I try that. It's when I decide to let go that beauty and love are poured into my life. Sitting things into God's huge hands is what makes life move forward like it's supposed to. It's not until I fully surrender that I fully grasp what God wants for me and my life.

Secondly, I learned that, no matter what the world may say or try to push on me, a guy does not complete me. I've gone through four years of highschool without a serious boyfriend. For some reason, the world tries to make girls think that this is not okay.. but it so, so is. I've never been in love, I've never had a committed relationship..and I could get down about that. But why? I could be down in the dumps about it or settle for a boy not up to God's standards, but that's not what's in store for me. Instead of putting my heart and energy into a boy for four years of my life, I spent four years developing real and amazing friendships. I found the sister I never had and my bestfriend in a guy that would do anything for me. I let God lead me on mission trips. I met beautiful people. I grew up with a youthgroup that became my family. I lost friends, gained friends. I took times of sadness and found sunlight. I will just keep walking down God's path, and when His timing is right, I'll run into the guy He wants for me. It's as simple and lovely as that.

I learned to truly cherish time. In ninth grade, my bestfriend moved. Since then, I've seen him a handful of times- including taking him to my senior prom. The times I get to see him, both few and far between, are so meaningful and I try to take in every second. This year, I lost a friend to a car accident. The three of us who grew up by her side went to her vistation and funeral together. The line for the visitation was miles long- leaving us with two options: Be very sad and cry our way up to her, or.. rejoice in the times we shared with her. We chose the latter option. We stood there and shared stories until our eyes were full of tears- bittersweet ones. We were coming to the realization that she was gone- there would be no more mexican nights or sleepovers, but we were left with the overwhelming feeling of, "Wow. I wouldn't trade those precious memories for anything".

And lastly, "friends that pray together stay together."
That needs no explanation.

Let's see what these last few days bring, shall we?


suburban prep said...

All the best for you as you start your new stage in life.
Congratulations for a wonderful future.

Miss Southern Prep said...

I just found your blog and it is so adorable! I'm a senior in high school, too, and I can't believe that my time is almost over! I've loved high school so much, but I'm excited to start college. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!