Thursday, December 24, 2009


You could say I'm a fan of Christmas movies. Nothing really matches the feeling at the end of a great Christmas movie: everything comes together, people fall in love and somehow, someway things just feel... right. Even though Christmas movies usually focus on presents, family drama or money.. I like to watch those that focus on one person. One message. One birth.

The past few weeks, I've been thrilled to see "The Nativity Story" playing on TNT at night. It is, hands down, my favorite Christmas movie.. and story. This movie is a detailed look at Christs' birth, and it focuses alot on Mary. It takes the Christmas story and examines it.. and shows you the heart of a 15 year old girl who became the mother of Christ.

I came to the conclusion last night that if it was possible, I'd like to hug Mary really tight.. for a long time. Sometimes we fly through the Christmas story, and only remember Mary as "the Virgin" and we remember her being visted by an angel, pondering things in her heart... Well, last night it completely hit me- Mary was even younger than I am. Mary was given the responsibility of carrying around the Creator of the universe for nine months, and raising him. She was forced to somehow explain to her parents how she was with child- even when she was completely pure. She had to put utter trust in the Lord to comfort her parents hearts and to change Joseph's heart. Mary had a little one inside of her- kicking, living, breathing.. and that little one just happened to save the world.

So, Mary- you are amazing. You are the true picture of a Godly woman to me. You had faith that could truly move mountains. You trusted. You believed. You surrendered. So, here's a big thank you to you. Thank you for bringing the King of my heart.. the love of my life.. the author of perfection.. into this world. You are completely awesome.

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Sally said...

That is so beautiful! I always like to ask Mary to help me to love Jesus as much as she did when she was my age!